Under the Family Law Act of British Columbia there are two fundamental principles to be applied in all family cases:

  1. 1 The encouragement of parties to resolve family law disputes through non-court processes such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration; and
  2. 2 The best interests of any children involved must take priority in all decisions made in the case, including the choice of dispute resolution method.

My office strives to provide leadership in all areas of practice and I adhere to the Canadian Bar Association Best Practice Guidelines for Lawyers Practicing Family Law. A copy of those Guidelines can be viewed here. I am a Certified Family Law Mediator and Arbitrator, a Certified Parenting Coordinator, a member of the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia, Past President and a member of the B.C. Parenting Co-ordinators Roster Society, a contributing author to various family law publications of the Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C. and a member of the Editorial Board of the Family Law Sourcebook for British Columbia. I have a strong team of assistants, all of whom have been with me for many years, and have established professional relationships with a variety of experts and researchers to assist with specialty issues. My team and professional network enable me to provide high level, cost effective client services.

Ten Things You Can Expect From OUR Firm

  1. 1 A clear and understandable idea of your legal rights and the direction of your case
  2. 2 Timely advice of significant developments in your case
  3. 3 Timely copies of all pleadings and communications on your file
  4. 4 Timely copies of all paperwork received from opposing counsel
  5. 5 The ability to communicate with me by e-mail if you wish
  6. 6 A clear and understandable retainer letter outlining charges and policies
  7. 7 Timely, clear and fair billings
  8. 8 Prompt responses to your telephone calls, usually within one business day
  9. 9 Clear and timely answers to your questions
  10. 10 Active involvement in the preparation and negotiation of your case